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A special kind of city tour

Round off your city tour in a very special way.

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Adventure Centre Mining Röhrigschacht Wettelrode

800 years of copper shale mining - Living heritage of the miners - Fascinating and authentic

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Barbarossa Cave

When miners accidentally discovered natural caverns in 1865 while searching for copper shale, they must have thought they had found it.

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Cabaret underground with Lothar Bölck "(Der)SCHLEIM(der)SPUREN"

Satirical snooping by and with Lothar Bölck

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Children's Day with Theatre Eisleben

2 performances: 10 am and 1 pm

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Children's Programme 1: Museum Rally

Children's programme at the Spengler Museum. The children explore the whole museum independently to answer the questions on the rally sheet.

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Children's programme: Apprentice with Master Spengler - woodcarving

Children's programme: Apprentice with Master Spengler - woodcarving

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Children's programme: Individual school programmes

Individual and up-to-date offers for children's and school groups.

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Children's programme: Mammoth crafting

Children's programme at the Spengler Museum. In a guided tour of the Spengler Museum, the children learn about the mammoth skeleton.

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Children's programme: Old children's game

Children's programme at the Spengler Museum. In a guided tour through the Spengler Museum, the children experience that people lived differently in the past than they do today.

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Children's programme: Sangerhausen in the Middle Ages

Children's programme at the Spengler Museum. On a tour of the museum we look at all the objects exhibited on the theme of the Middle Ages.

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Children's Programme: Stone Age

Children's programme at the Spengler Museum. The guided tour begins in the Ice Age and introduces the mammoth skeleton from Edersleben and the Palaeolithic hunters from Bilzingsleben.

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Children's programme: Washing day with the Spengler family

Children's programme in the Spengler Museum. To set the mood, the Spengler family is introduced and the course of a washing day 100 years ago is described.

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Children's programme: With slate and quill pen

Children's programme at the Spengler Museum. Learning to write like 100 years ago.

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Climbing the "Hohe Linde" slag heap

Venue: "Halde Hohe Linde" Sangerhausen

Empfohlenes Alter: ab 6 Jahren (in Begleitung Erwachsener)

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Mittel

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Coffee House Kolditz

Welcome to the Konditorei-Kaffeehaus Kolditz, the oldest and most traditional confectionery coffee house in Sangerhausen.

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County Hall

After the Peace of Vienna of 1815, the Sangerhausen office came to Prussia.

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End of season with lantern procession

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Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

A sea of millions of rose blossoms reveals itself to visitors in the more than 1000-year-old mountain & rose town of Sangerhausen in the southern Harz region.

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Evening lantern tour

In the evening hours, the historic city centre unfolds its very special charm.

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Expedition: Children's tours

An expedition in the Röhrigschacht Wettelrode. Be a miner yourself - that's what groups of children aged between age of 7 to 12 years.

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Expedition: Family-friendly guided tours

As a family "below ground"

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Expedition: Individual private tours for photographers

An expedition in the Röhrigschacht Wettelrode. Individual guided tours, e.g. for photographers, are possible.

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Expedition: Old mining

An expedition in the Röhrigschacht Wettelrode. For all those who want to experience, see and hear more about old mining in Mansfeld, than is possible in the usual guided tour, we recommend our old mining tour.

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Expedition: Old Mining Special

An expedition in the Röhrigschacht Wettelrode. A combination of sporting experience, adventure, mining and geology is offered by the "Old Mining Special" expedition.

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Expedition: Scientific Tours

An expedition in the Röhrigschacht Wettelrode. Special guided tours in the fields of geology and mining, e.g. for students, are possible.

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Expedition: The Alabaster Fleet

An expedition in the Röhrigschacht Wettelrode. Go with us to your physical limits and experience an adventurous expedition through through the old mining industry of Mansfeld and the natural formations of the Southern Harz gypsum karst.

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Expedition: The Marienglas Fleet

An expedition in the Röhrigschacht Wettelrode. A delightful mix of old mining and natural cave awaits you on our expedition into the Marienglasschlotte.

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Gasthof "Zum Herrenkrug"

The Gasthof Zum Herrenkrug is a traditional business that has been owned by the Stieglitz family since 1898.

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Glass house

Celebrations and meetings in a special setting

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Guided tours through the city

Our city guides will accompany you through the streets and alleys steeped in history, showing you sights worth seeing.

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Harzer Erlebnishof Grillenberg

Let us spoil you gastronomically in the cosy hotel restaurant.

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Heide Hof farm shop

To escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life....

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Heldrungen moated castle

The Heldrungen moated castle is the only completely preserved fortified moated castle of French fortification architecture in Germany.

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Historic town centre Sangerhausen

The town of Sangerhausen, which is more than a thousand years old, is situated on the mountain slopes of the southern Harz, which here form the northern end of the Golden Aue.

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Jacobi Church

The Jacobi Church is a late Gothic, three-nave hall church.

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Joseph's Cross

Joseph's Cross: a destination for everyone.

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Machine hall

Celebrate in the rustic ambience of the machine hall

26.6. -
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Mountain & Rose Festival with Crowning of the Majesty

Celebrate the coronation ceremony with us.

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Museum tour for children's groups

Children's programme at the Spengler Museum. A Spengler Museum employee introduces the museum to the children and accompanies them on a tour of the house.

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Museum tour in the Spengler Museum

A guided tour of the Spengler Museum or the Spengler House.

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Old Castle & Music School

The Old Palace was built in 1260 by Henry the Illustrious of Wettin and extended in 1446 by Duke William III of Saxony.

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Old Town Hall

The old wooden town hall was built around 1268. After it burnt down in 1358, a stone building was erected on the same site from 1431 to 1437.

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Opening of the EUROPA-ROSARIUM season

1.7. -
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Outdoor Art Exhibition "Rose Meets Art"

artists with over 200 works of art

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Restaurant "Bergmannsklause"

Enjoy home-style cooking in a cosy ambience.

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Restaurant "Bierstübl"

The restaurant is located in the historic centre of Sangerhausen with home-style German cuisine.

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Restaurant "Rüssel-Pub“

The restaurant offers a wide range of food and beverages in a cosy and this in a cosy ambience with fireplace room and beer garden .

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Restaurant „Olympia“

Our Greek chef awaits your wishes and will prepare all dishes fresh and according to original Greek recipes.

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Restaurant at the Rosenhotel

You want to visit our scenic and historically significant region...

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Rose Café at the Europa-Rosarium

Experience the idyll of the rose garden and linger over homemade cakes and much more.

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Covered open-air stage at the Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

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Sacred Heart Church

In 1539, the Reformation was introduced in Sangerhausen. After that, there was no longer a Catholic community. Only in the course of industrialisation...

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Spengler House

The Spengler House was the home of Gustav Adolf Spengler, master carpenter, local historian and mammoth excavator from Sangerhausen, and his family.

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Spengler Museum

The Spengler Museum is the regional museum for Sangerhausen and the surrounding area.

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St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church was built around 1350 in early Gothic style and is the second oldest church in the city.

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Sweet lake

Between orchards and vineyards, the Sweet Lake with campsite lies in a picturesque setting.

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Ulrich Church

The Ulrichkirche (built 1116 - 1123) is a three-nave, Romanesque, cruciform, vaulted pillar basilica and the oldest surviving building in Sangerhausen.

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Wedding Pavilion

Let us pamper you on the most beautiful day of your life.


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