Cabaret underground with Lothar Bölck "(Der)SCHLEIM(der)SPUREN"

Cabaret underground with Lothar Bölck
Cabaret underground with Lothar Bölck

Satirical snooping by and with Lothar Bölck


Society is disintegrating... into 75 percent governed and 25 percent governing.
The governed are outlawed and free-wheeling, the governors are elusive and in hiding.
In a place named after their 25 percent share of the total society. In the government quarter.
This quarter of society gives shelter to politicians, civil servants and lobbyists of all genders.
The promises broken by these schemers with a background of corruption are crimes spoken. They solve problems
that no one has and problematise solutions that no one needs. However, that their doings are organised crime
is an insinuation. Their misdeeds have the appearance of being criminal, but that anything is organised
cannot be said. Those in power deliberately take care not to leave any evidence for the governed.
They are elusive and play innocent.

But there is one who, with criminal - cunning acumen, is on their trail and on the scent.
Lothar Bölck from Frankfurt (Oder), once a porter in the Chancellery at Gate D, now the best eastern or
investigative sleuth, the running nose, the private detective with a civil servant's pension.
He is a mixture of Nick Knatterton, Adrian Monk and Captain Fox. His credo: "Everyone is looking for the culprits. I find the guilty."
He tails people who are in the dark. The blanket everyone is under, he uncovers.
For him, corruption is not a smear comedy, theft is not stolen metal and toad tunnels are not party donation channels.
From lying barons, bullshitters and perjury comrades who are all too easy to investigate,
his brain feels fooled. His investigative successes are legendary in his lifetime.
When, some time ago, the world's best intelligence agencies tried to learn the age of a mummy,
he determined it in a matter of hours.

How? The mummy confessed it to him. His methods of investigation are unorthodox.
To get the truth about a political scandal from a minister,
he gave him a talking parrot. In his investigations, he is not averse to the new media.
However, if he wants to determine whether Anna W. was telling the untruth, he does care if it is digital or if Anna was lying.

If you belong to the 75 percent of the governed and want to solve the big crimes and the little scams of the 25 percent of the governed, then hire the satirical sleuth Lothar Bölck to a crime scene of your choice. You can hire him, lease him and the fair ladies can even rub him. And remember: Lothar Hugo Bölck is incorruptible, but he can be bought. After all, he has to pay for his incorruptibility.

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