Our current funding projects

RSS Digital - Redesign of the online offer of Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH

The Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH (RSS), Society for Culture, Tourism & Marketing is charged with operating and developing culture and tourism in Sangerhausen. At the same time, the GmbH is also responsible for the tourism marketing of the town of Sangerhausen.
The RSS also performs these tasks for the Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen and the "Röhrigschacht Wettelrode" exhibition mine. Another area of responsibility has been taken over by Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH with the area of "culture".
In the course of these tasks, Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH operates various domains with associated websites. No other digital services are currently offered.
One of the main aims of the "RSS Digital" project is the contemporary design and structuring of the Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH websites.
At the same time, business processes that are currently running in analogue form are to be digitised in order to provide customers with simplified access, to eliminate interface problems and to be able to reduce the overall working time required for these processes.
Another main focus is on the development and integration of a webshop for products and services of Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH.