Coffee House Kolditz

Coffee House Kolditz
Coffee House Kolditz

Konditorei - Kaffeehaus Kolditz

Welcome to Konditorei-Kaffeehaus Kolditz, the oldest and most traditional confectioner's coffee house in Sangerhausen. Already in the 5th generation, we spoil our customers with sweet delicacies according to traditional recipes from our own confectionery and with a cosy atmosphere in our listed coffee house. Our coffee house has room for about 90 people. We have deliberately refrained from changing the interior design of our house in recent years. For our customers, we wanted and still want to preserve the style of a Viennese coffee house. Take a break from everyday life and experience some of the charm of days gone by.

Infos & Service:

Bahnhofstraße 44,
06526 Sangerhausen

Phone 03464 572397